18 Modern Bedroom Interior Design Tips

Posted On: 08 Jun 2021

Modern Bedroom Interiors

Photo credit: MOPS Architecture Studio

In this guide, you’ll learn(and unlearn) the tips and tricks behind a perfect Modern Bedroom Design. We’ll start with the basics: Choosing the Bed, Bedroom Lighting, metallic accents for your bedroom, Bedroom artwork, Bedroom Plants, how to style the bedroom walls, keep your bedroom clutter free and more. Check it out: this is the definitive guide if you’re thinking about giving your Bedroom the Modern look, you’ve always wanted.

1. Choose a statement bed

Photo credit: Pure Salt Interiors

The bed is the focal point of any well-designed bedroom. 

Choose a bold and dramatic bed to instantly divert attention to it and make a statement. 

While choosing such a bed for your bedroom, make sure to tone down on the rest of the elements and keep it simple!

2. The Power of Natural Light

Your Bedroom has to be illuminated with natural light - this is an absolute must.

Scientists believe there is no better medicine than sunlight- and we agree! The best bedroom design is one which allows plenty natural light in to keep that serotonin high and Vitamin D in check. It also makes for great photography!

3. Metallic Accents

Photo credit: thesofaandchair.co.uk

No modern bedroom design is complete without a few metallic accents here and there. 

Whether these are in table lamps, chandeliers, or décor pieces. For maximum impact; mix and match metals like silver, gold and copper!

4. Minimalistic artwork

Artwork for your Bedroom: Interior Design

Photo credit: wafair.com

When designing your bedroom, don’t forget artwork. 

A good piece of art can tie the whole space together but remember, when it comes to the bedroom, you will be spending a lot of time admiring this piece of art. 

So keep it minimal and simple and something that makes you happy!

5. Reading Corner your Bedroom needs

Reading Corner: Bedroom Interior Design

Photo credit: decosit.com

We all know that the bedroom serves many other purposes apart from being just the bed-room. 

Incorporate a cosy reading corner in your bedroom design to enjoy that cup of coffee and curl up with your book on a lazy weekend!

6. Bay window/window seating

Bay window/ window seating

Photo credit: living4media.com

There is nothing more disheartening than a missed view. If your bedroom window has a beautiful view, go ahead and create a window seating to not only enjoy the view but also create added storage under the bench. Win-win!

7. Bring in some plants

Bring in some plants

Photo credit: pinterest

This one is a no-brainer! Plants not only elevate your bedroom design but also purify the air and release oxygen. Indoor plants are an easy and affordable way to bring the outdoors in and also help reduce illness and release stress, all while alleviating the happy ambience if your bedroom!

8. Use mood lighting to create an ambience

Use mood lighting to create an ambience

Photo credit: Studia 54

Lighting works best when layered- which essentially means utilising multiple light sources. To create the ultimate mood for your bedroom design- use a combination of architectural lighting, decorative fixtures and table and floor lamps.

9. Go bold with a statement accent wall

Go bold with a statement accent wall

Photo credit: dezeen.com

A simple yet extremely effective way to take your bedroom to the next level- is to create a feature wall. It could be an eye catching wallpaper, mouldings, wooden panelling, a gallery wall or even just a bright paint colour!

10. Or make all the walls pop

Or make all the walls pop

Photo credit: pinterest

If you are not for one statement wall, go all out on all the walls. Bold colours or lacquered walls all over the bedroom make the walls pop and add that much needed oomph to your modern bedroom!

11. Use multiple textures

Use multiple textures

Photo credit: hartleyhomedesign.com

Any good bedroom must be cosy and comfortable- and what’s more cosy than multiple textures in linens and fabrics. Layer your furnishings with many pillows, throw blankets, area rugs, breezy curtains and even a faux fur floor covering. For that extra touch, upholster your bed back or the wall behind your bed in a plush velvet or suede to tie together the whole bedroom design!

12. Invest in high quality solid colour bed linen

Invest in high quality solid colour bed linen

Photo credit: kellynan.com

Ever wonder why a hotel room bed feels much more luxurious than the one at home? It’s the well ironed, crisp and superior quality sheets. Invest in a set of premium quality linens in neutral solid colours including sheets, pillow covers and a duvet cover. Trust us, you’ll never want to leave your bed!

13. But choose colour and pattern in throw pillows

But choose colour and pattern in throw pillows

Photo credit: goodearth.in

To add dimension and depth to your bedroom design, add a bit of colour and pattern by way of decorative cushions. Not only do they give that much needed break to the eye but instantly uplift the luxury quotient of your bedroom!

14. Don’t clutter the room with decorative accents and pieces

Don’t clutter the room with decorative accents and pieces

Photo credit: thewonderforest.com

Like they say- a cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind. Make sure to not add too many pieces of décor and tiny accents so as to overwhelm the design of your space. Keep things neat and tidy and stow away as many essentials as possible in bedside drawers and cabinets!

15. Keep it simple

Keep it simple

Photo credit: behance

The key to any amazing bedroom design is simplicity. You don’t need too many elements and items to nail a simple bedroom look. Keep in mind the essential furniture and build on from there only what is necessary to complete the look!

16. Consider going dark

Consider going dark

Photo credit: brahimhalawani.com

This one’s for the bold at heart. There is something about a dark bedroom that lends so much character and charisma to your bedroom design. Don’t be afraid to go dark walls, dark furniture and even dark bed linen. Balance it all out with lightweight curtains, some indoor plants and minimalistic style furniture!

17. Opt for soft wooden flooring

Opt for soft wooden flooring

Photo credit: houzz.com

The absolute ultimate to achieve a warm and luxurious space that you don’t want to leave- is wooden flooring. Wooden flooring is not only comfortable all year round- it also lasts a lifetime and only gets better with age! Bonus tip- wooden flooring also increases the re-sale value of your home!

18. Use mirrors to create the illusion of space and height

Use mirrors to create the illusion of space and height

Photo credit: CHADO Architectural studio

We have all struggled with making a small space look not so small. Floor to ceiling mirrors can create the illusion of space and height. They also bounce natural light beautifully all across the room making sure your bedroom design is top notch!


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