31 Modern Home Office Ideas to Optimize your Work-from-Home Efforts

Posted On: 28 Dec 2021

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1. Have a designated work-from-home space

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Be it a corner in your living room, just a desk in your bedroom or an entire home office, the first step is to make sure that you have a designated space for work. A dedicated space or area ensures that you are mentally conditioned to work there without compromising on productivity. 

2. Don’t use your workspace for anything else

A dining table that serves as a work desk in the morning, lunch table in the afternoon and the kids’ homework station by evening will not only disrupt your routine but also deplete morale. 

Dedicate an area that you can call your own, where nobody will disturb you and you can attend all those zoom calls stress free. 

3. Create a setup that ensures work-life balance

A dedicated space also allows you to shut your computer, sort out your papers, prepare the space for the next morning and retire for the day without constantly being reminded of work. It is important to switch off from work and reset to maintain a good work-life balance!

4. Carve out a nook for your work space

If your home is too small to dedicate an entire room for a designated work space, try to create a work office with the least possible distraction. It could be a storage room that you convert into a workspace, or the unoccupied guest bedroom. Whichever corner of the house you choose, make sure that it’s comfortable, gets enough light and is as secluded as possible.

5. Work space sharing

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If there are two or more people in the house that work, opt for sharing work space only if the type of work you do is similar or symbiotic. If you are a couple in two completely different fields, it’s best to create separate workspaces for both of you.

6. Get a good multifunctional desk

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A good work desk must be made of a solid material and must be stable and of good quality to not only last a long time and weather wear and tear but also to make working from home as smooth as possible.

7. Choose a desk with storage space

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Choose a desk that has some drawers to stow away papers and stationery, a wire manager to hide all those computer wires and chargers and enough surface area for you to be able to spread out all your belongings without getting them lost underneath each other.

8. Choose a durable desk

Always choose durable materials like hardwood, solid plastic or even a thick slab of metal for the tabletop as this is a high use surface, it should be able to handle scratches, pen stains, hot beverage cups and multiple things at the same time without getting too damaged, chipped or scratched.

9. Go for a wall-mounted desk

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If your home lacks the space for an entire desk, you can always opt for a wall-mounted desk. All you need to do is make sure the setup is durable enough so that it provides a solid base for you to keep your laptops or computer and leaves you enough space to comfortably place your arms. Another thing to consider is the height at which you instal the desk, as that will affect how comfortable your seating actually is.

10. Keep the proportions in mind

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Good design takes proportions in mind. Make sure that the office desk you choose is not so big that it engulfs the room or is so tiny that it looks comical. If you are unable to find a desk in line with your requirement, you can even get it custom-made. 

11. Invest in an ergonomic chair

While a good desk is important, a good chair is even more important. An ergonomic chair with ample back support, the correct height and cushioning is an absolute must have.

A well-designed chair does not cost too much but is definitely worth every penny. If there is only one item you invest in for your home office-it should be in a good chair.

An ergonomic chair gives you good arch support for your spine, support for your neck and head, has armrests, is made of good quality foam that does not deteriorate or decompose in a short time, is upholstered in a comfortable and soft fabric like leather and is overall well and solid structured.

Those long days and endless hours in front of the screen make this item an absolute non-negotiable!

12. Add a comfortable sofa

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If you have enough space, you can also keep a comfortable sofa in your work space where you can take a couple of minutes off from work or even take a call. Having an alternate option to sit helps you stay in your office space yet break the monotony of continuously being seated in one place.

13. Get ample sunlight

The most important morale and serotonin booster found in nature is sunlight. Make sure to place your desk in a space or room that has ample sunlight. Facing a window or in a room that is in the east or northeast part of your home are ideal locations. Try to face the desk to a window or towards the room. 

14. Avoid placing your desk against a wall

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Placing the desk against the wall blocks light from the front of the table, which is very important.

15. Follow the only warm white lighting rule

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Add some ‘warm’ table and floor lamps to your home office. Be sure to add a good study desk lamp on the table which has a bright source of light and a flexible top so that it’s easily adjustable for all your reading and writing needs!

16. Factor in the glare

If you are someone who needs to work at night, or have a setup that causes you to depend on artificial light, make sure that your setup is such that your screen does not reflect light. It’s important to factor this in before finalising your seating position.

17. Choose a smart wallpaper

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18. Place a bookshelf behind you

Style bookshelves elegantly with books and decor accents to break the monotony and you have a backdrop that says something about you.

19. Display some artwork

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The artwork you choose should be subtle and in neutral colours. Alternatively, you can also opt for art that’s monochromatic or in sepia. 

Pro tip: Make sure to use non-reflective glass in the frame so as to not reflect the light of your screen and cause disturbance.

20. Clutter is your enemy

Just like clutter can dampen your design, in the home office especially, it can not only hamper design but also seriously damage productivity. Always ensure to have a clutter free desk. 

21. Create dedicated storage space

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Create storage space around your desk in the form of small cabinets or dedicate a cupboard in the house to home office supplies. Stationery, files and paperwork should be neatly labeled and tucked away so that they are not only easy to access but also quick to find.

22. Use both horizontal and vertical space for storage

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Don’t be afraid to explore storage options vertically (even up to the ceiling, if it can be done aesthetically). Your desk might not have the space for a printer but there’s no point keeping it inside a cabinet if you can create a storage place on the wall.

23. Use plastic boxes to organise supplies and also manage wires.

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One of my best hacks is to place all computer and gadget chargers and adapters in a plastic box, and paste or screw the box to the underside of the table. This way it is all out of sight but well organised at the same time.

24. Pick a colour you like

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Since you will be spending the bulk of your day in the home office space, be sure to paint the walls a colour you like. Being surrounded by a colour that makes you happy is sure to keep you cheerful all day round-even when the boss is in a bad mood! 

Pro tip: If you do not have a dedicated room as a home office, try and paint the wall behind or beside your work desk or even the ceiling to achieve the same!

25. Choose what you wish to see

It’s important to choose the view from your work space carefully. Whether it’s a garden outside the window, a bird’s eye view of your living room, or even near the kids’ room to keep an eye on them; the view should make you happy and not stressed.

Pro tip: Do NOT underestimate the difference fresh walls and a great view can make. Trust us on this! 

26. Always go for a fresh coat of paint

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Even if you feel happiest with white paint, make sure to give the walls a fresh coat of paint to keep your surroundings looking neat and fresh.

27. Tell your story

Any space you design is not yours unless it tells a story about YOU. A family photo, a small desk plant, gifts from loved ones, memorabilia collected from travels or just an article of beauty- they all help to personalise your space. 

28. But don’t go overboard…

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While leaving your desk and surrounding area bare can feel sparse and too clinical, overcrowding with personal items can also create clutter and chaos. Place a few personal items to keep you motivated and help bring back fond memories every now and then.

29. Create a gallery wall

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If keeping personal memorabilia on your desk seems a bit intrusive, you can even create a gallery wall of personal pictures on a wall to your side. You can increase or reduce the size of the gallery wall based on how you like it.

30. Add some plants

Introducing some plants into the mix is a great idea, as they not only make the room look more stylish but also purify air and supply oxygen. If you are looking for an easy, affordable way to accessorise your home office, adding a snake plant or a ZZ plant is an excellent start!

31. Invest in a good rug

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Adding an interesting rug is also another great idea you might want to try. You can play around with colours, patterns and textures on the rug to tune in to the amount of visual interest you want.


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