The Ultimate Boho Style Interior Design Guide 2022

Posted On: 07 Feb 2022

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In this guide, you will learn all there is to know about Boho style interior design, its key components and tips and tricks on how to achieve the look in your home. We will understand where Boho (short for bohemian) style originated from, how it gained popularity and what a boho style home decor says about you. If you like this timeless style of interior design, this is the only guide you will need in order to ‘get the look’. Without further ado, let’s deep dive into it then!

Key elements of Boho style

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There are several key elements that help you put together a Boho look. Broadly, boho chic involves a combination of earthy hues and vibrant colours, a mix of patterns and textures and elements that are inexpensive, antiquated or both. In this section we will go over the components of Boho style.

1. Keep it casual

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Think of the Boho design style as an attitude. It’s not stuck-up and formal, but casual and relaxed.It’s more rustic than modern. A room that’s boho chic exudes that easy-going, informal vibe. When in doubt, think of your room as a hippie. It does not need to resemble an exact hippie and that’s no excuse to look shabby, but the core ambience needs to be uninhibited and open.

2. Materials that make it boho

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Now that you have the right Boho mindset, here’s how you make your room Boho instantly: introduce a mix of natural materials such as jute, cane, natural wood, and leather. Including chunky knits and throws is another easy road to a Boho chic room. As you see, we are taking the inside-out approach here. First you understood what the bohemian look is all about, where it came from and what its personality is. Next, we learn how to convey the Boho chic aesthetic using the right components. In this image, we see extensive use of cane and wood in the chairs, wall decor, light and even the planter. Notice how the rustic look is balanced with the more modern aesthetic of pristine white walls, cabinets and tables? Hope you are getting the drift.

3. Pair modern with vintage

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One of the best things about the boho aesthetic is that there are no set rules governing the look. As we discussed before, the boho attitude is carefree and fluid, so breaking rules is a part of the rules when it comes to bohemian decor! In a way, you might consider Boho as a part of the eclectic design style, but with a huge dollop of ‘earthiness’ thrown in. In this image, you can see ‘antiques’ such as the round table, the narrow chest of drawers on the window sill, the photo frame above it and even the choice of flooring are paired with modern sofas and that vibrant rug. Remember: to nail the boho chic look, it is essential to have some ‘old’ elements in your home to complement the new ones. That ‘clash’ is important.

4. Mix and match textures

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Boho style involves a combination of textures. Think: rough with smooth, rugged with soft and sturdy with delicate. For example, in the accompanying image, the table, the storage unit and the lamp placed on it have a rough texture, which are complemented by the softer texture of the couch, the yellow cushions and the taller plant. Another example of contrasting textures would be the roundish, smoother texture of the items kept on the window sill as opposed to the sharper features of the chandelier and the sun-shaped mirror above the cupboard.

5. Play with patterns

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A Boho chic decor allows you to pair several contrasting and complementary patterns in a room. The busy look that a mix of patterns brings is something that is quite common in a Bohemian decor. The entire Boho look comprises checking some ‘boxes’ we’ve gone over in the points above. Playing with different patterns is one such important ‘trick’ that is typical of this style of decor. You can go crazy with the patterns and as you see in this example, even place different patterns alongside each other.

6. Bohemian colour palettes

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As long as it’s in line with the Boho chic vibe, you can play around with a variety of colours. In fact, if done right–which means all the above points are adhered to–a boho chic decor allows you to go all out on colours and include as many as you want! In this image, for example, the designer has rooted the look in basic whites, blues and browns and then gone all out with the accessories, adding a teal sofa, contrasting it with hues of yellow and orange on the rug and on the cushions.

7. Embrace Clutter

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Bohemian decor always includes a bit of clutter! Now, when we say clutter, we do NOT mean that it’s OK for your room to be messy. There’s a difference. What we mean is adding a number of items from a variety of sources placed together intentionally. Found a tribal mask on your trip to some obscure location? Pick that up and use it in your house. Came across some interesting brass statues at the flea market? Add that too. Boho design is quirky and there’s a lot of room to experiment and explore, unlike many other design styles, such as Minimalist or Scandinavian. Just one thing: be it a souvenir, or a musical instrument, or a vase, or those tribal masks we talked about–make sure you visualise the room with the items you want to include. There’s a method to the madness, as they say. You want to convey the carefree quality of the Boho look, but that comes through careful selection of the pieces you include.

8. Boho curtains

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Flowy curtains made of lightweight cotton or sheer fabrics work best with the Bohemian look. You can even embellish the look by using tassels or colourful beading on them. Handmade drapes such as Macrame curtains also work quite well, as they add some texture to the room while allowing natural light to enter the room. Muted, earthy colours work best with the Bohemian look but you can play around with the patterns as much as you want.

9. Include rugs and tapestries

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An ethnic rug or tapestry (or both) is a great way to introduce some Boho flair to your room. For a free-spirited Boho feel, you can even hang a lightweight rug on your wall. You can also choose to use it as a focal point in your room. It’s best to buy the rugs and tapestries at a local flea market instead of a high-end mall, as Boho chic is all about nailing the earthy and inexpensive look. Any rug or tapestry made of fabric with bold patterns and colours are welcome.

10. Get more cushions

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Imagine a room where hippies would chill. Do you see cushions? You might even see some on the floor, carelessly lying about. Cushions are comfy and add that feel-good vibe, making it perfect for the Boho look. The cushion covers can have wild patterns and no two cushions need to have the same pattern! Another great idea is getting some Mandala round pillows, which are so, so Boho! Just carelessly throw some pillows and cushions about once you are done with the rest of the room and you are all set for a get-together with your friends!

11. Think Moroccan

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If you are someone who’s scouring through the internet for some inspiration for your Boho room, you might as well include Moroccan designs in your search. Moroccan design comprises a flamboyant mix of colours and patterns, exotic designs and a plethora of traditional elements that make the Bohemian style work. You might add lemon yellow cushions with some crazy pattern and choose to place it on your royal blue sofa and complete the look with an exotic hookah beside it. You get the idea…

12. Let there be (natural) light

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To get the Boho look right, it’s important that your room receives enough natural light. Natural light gives your room a sense of calm and peace, qualities that go exceptionally well with Bohemian decor. During daytime, the brighter the light, the more Bohemian your room will look! It’s important to note that the rules change during the night though…

13. Set the mood with the right light

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At night, your aim should be to give your room a dull, warm glow that is much more relaxing than stark white light. Even if you get everything right, the entire Boho mood depends a lot on the light you use. For example, using bright overhead lights can completely ruin the mood but if you opt for a chandelier instead to break up the light, your room will appear much cosier and welcoming. Your Boho room must have a variety of lamps. You can even try coloured LED lights if you want.

14. Variety of light fixtures

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A variety of light fixtures looks great in a Boho room. Pendant lights, chandeliers, lamps–all work well with the look, especially lamps. Get a bunch of them–in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and colours. Using lamps made from different materials such as wood, metal, and glass will also introduce some unique textures to the mix. You can even add string lights or fairy lights to create that soft, ambient glow.

15. Boho wall decor

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Time to turn our attention to the walls! From wallpapers with crazy patterns, to lightweight tapestries in bright colours, to earthy, ethnic plates, to tribal masks and souvenirs, to dream catchers–everything looks great in the Boho style of home decor! You can even mix and match these elements on the same wall and get great results.


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