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Which living room looks most like your dream space?

In which bedroom would you like to call it a day?

What are your thoughts on colour?

I like whites and neutrals

I like a few pops of colour scattered around

I like a few bold colours scattered around a neutral space

I like bright, colourful spaces

What are your thoughts on patterns and prints?

I don't like pattern and prints

I like subtle patterns and prints in accessories

I like bold patterned and printed accents

I like lots of prints and patterns

What do you think about accent walls?

I don’t like accent walls

I like bright plain accent walls

I like neutral accent walls

I like subtle accent walls

I like bold and dramatic accent walls

I think gallery walls are the best accent walls

Which decor accents would you choose?

I don't like decor accents

I like minimal and clean decor accents

I like rich metallic and mirror decor accents

I like neutral, earthy and natural decor accents

I like a mix of modern and vintage decor accents

I like a mix of many types of decor accents

Which rooms do you want to get designed?

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Home Office

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